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Let it all begin

Some individuals got together early 2020. They had a common goal in life. An urge to shear their stories with the world!

Co-founders Jouni and Leo met in 2019 while working for a television production. They instantly found out that their collaboration worked seamlessly. After working with the first production together, they both realized their energies compliment one another and a common ground was found. A ground that hopefully will leave a mark into this world.

One beautiful summer day Markus came to Leo and shared a story that was hard to pass. A story that raised memories from Leos past and the two started to notice that they could work on that story together. Two became three and three turned into something bigger! Brave Stories Society was born.

Brave Stories Society is there to become a platform for all those stories that deserve to be heard. We want to gather interesting thoughts and inspirational stories under a same platform. We contact journalists, online material and video and film content to support to share information in this world. Ongoing political battles and fake news and all the things that get us more and more confused. Under the severe pressure of modern life it is easy to loose ones voice. We help to amplify those voices. Those voices that deserve a shot to be heard.

Brave Stories Society is a non profit organization and one of its key elements is to support freelance artist globally. We understand that our goals are huge but we believe there is no other way than start to build this from the ground up. One step at a time we we hopefully one day can reach our goals.

Until that day

Best regards

-Brave Stories Society-

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